The sky's the limit if you let it be. For me, I’m innately a dreamer of the possibile feat that us people can come together as one. Maybe the thought is ludicrous - maybe I’m buggin'. Fuck it I’ll be that. However, I feel this goal can be achieved if people delve in more into their uniqueness. What sets them apart you know?

Break away from what is deemed as normal in their playbook or society’s playbook? Decipher your desires from your wants. Your necessities from your needs. Your desires and necessities require you to put in energy to acquire such things. I myself is still trying to craft my lane in allowing such things to be a part of my life. It’s hard though especially when doubt and insecurities come in the way. Remember to stay steadfast and positive in the route you wish to indulge in.

For me personally I know I can’t take breaks. I need to keep going and grinding to make sure I’m at the top … the question is are you willing to do the same?

Note to self:  “Life goes on, I can’t take breaks” … - Lil Skies

Bella Bloom