World Class Mastering

Working Class Prices.

Every single major label release is mastered. After all, audio mastering is what gives those songs the soaring highs and booming laws we have come to expect from professional artists. So if your music is going to compete with the bi boys, you need to do and have your next release mastered.

Why do perfectionists like Eminem, The  Roots, and Metallica's Jason Newsted choose the SoundLab to master their projects?

EXPERIENCE: Our mastering engineers have an average of 15 year;s experience.

EXPERTISE: We specialize in indie projects,but major label artists love us just as much for the money we save them.

SPEED:We will male your music come alive just 3-5 days.

THE BEST GEAR: We have a half million dollars in state of the art gear, software and mastering optimized rooms.




1 song


4-6 songs


7-12 songs


17-20 songs


21+ songs

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For $199 we will adjust your levels and/or change your track sequence and spacing.Does not include EQ or compression.


Add 3-5 business days to your CD production time. Client Attendance: $185 per hour, Add CD_Text and ISRC to Your album FREE with any mastering package, a $39 value. Add WAVE OF ENTERTAINMENT LLC partner #CT02926085 with your quote or orders for tracking. product specialist is waiting for your call for any product questions or service Inquires 8609610629